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Cambridge Core Books

Cambridge University Press publishes a wide range of research monographs, academic reference, textbooks, books for professionals, and large numbers of books aimed at graduate students. There are thousands of ebooks available across a wide range of disciplines including law, politics, history, language and literature, mathematics and astronomy with hundreds of new titles added each year.

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China Data Insights

This is the English version of 中国经济社会大数据研究平台 (Zhongguo Jingji Shehui Dashuju Yanjiu Pingtai). which is the upgraded version of the China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CSYD). It contains all important statistical yearbooks published by Mainland China presses from 1949 onwards. This database features searches and tools not available in the original version of CSYD, and is updated regularly.

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China Economic and Social Research Data

This is the upgraded version of the China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CSYD). It contains all important statistical yearbooks published by Mainland China presses from 1949 onwards. This database features searches and tools not available in the original version of CSYD, and is updated regularly.

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China Statistical Yearbooks Database

CSYD contains all important statistical yearbooks published by Mainland China presses from 1949- . It includes various kinds of census and survey data, and statistical charts sources from over 3,569 volumes of important statistical yearbooks. The yearbooks are classified by industry, district and type.

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China Yearbooks full-text database

CYFD is the largest, continuously updated yearbook database in China. It contains various types of yearbooks including national, regional, industry, enterprise yearbooks, and more. It contains over 12,681 volumes, from 1912- The yearbooks are classified by subject, industry and administrative district.

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Current Index to Statistics

The Current Index to Statistics (CIS) is a bibliographic index of publications in statistics, probability, and related fields. It includes data from approximately 160 core journals, 1,200 additional journals in related fields, and 11,000 books. The bulk of the content in CIS is from 1975-2017.

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EIU Country Data Asia

EIU CountryData is a powerful database of annual, quarterly and monthly economic indicators and forecasts. The Library has access to Country Data for the Asian region.

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EIU Global Forecasting Service

This service offers projections of key economic indicators and analysis of the issues that influence the economic performance of both developed and emerging markets.

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Europa World Plus

Europa World Plus is the online version of the Europa World Year Book and the Regional Surveys of the World. First published in 1926, the year book is renowned as one of the world's leading reference works, covering political and economic information in more than 250 countries and territories, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

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European Mathematical Information Service

The European Mathematical Information Service (EMIS) was founded in 1995 as the central portal for electronic math resources in Europe. Since then, with the support of the European Mathematical Society and many publishers, FIZ Karlsruhe has developed the largest open access electronic library in mathematics ELibM as the core of EMIS, as well as many more useful resources.

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European Mathematical Society Book Series

The European Mathematical Society Publishing House eBooks cover all fields of pure and applied mathematics. This database contains all published books from the following series : EMS Monographs in Mathematics (EMM) ; EMS Series of Congress Reports (ECR) ; EMS Series of Lectures in Mathematics (ELM) ; EMS Textbooks in Mathematics (ETB) ; EMS Tracts in Mathematics (ETM) ; ESI Lectures in Mathematics and Physics (ESI) ; Heritage of European Mathematics (HEM) ; IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (IRMA) ; The QGM Master Class Series (QGM) ; Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics (ZLAM).

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European Mathematical Society Journals

The EMS Publishing House is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the publication of high-quality peer-reviewed journals and high-quality books, on all academic levels and in all fields of pure and applied mathematics.

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European Union

The EU is a unique economic and political partnership between European countries that together cover much of the continent. It covers Basic facts and figures on the EU institutions, the member countries and the EU economy. It is a free website.

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Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union, situated in Luxembourg. Its mission is to be the leading provider of high quality statistics on Europe. Eurostat offers a whole range of important and interesting data that governments, businesses, the education sector, journalists and the public can use for their work and daily life.

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The GFDatabase provides data never before compiled into a single electronic format, spanning more than 200 global markets and extending coverage back to 1265. GFD create and generate their own proprietary data series while continuing to investigate new sources and extend existing series whenever possible. GFD supports full data transparency to enable users to verify financial data points, tracing them back to the original source documents.

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IMD World Competitiveness Online

IMD World Competitiveness Online is a unique and comprehensive database on the competitiveness of nations. It includes time series from the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, the leading annual report published by IMD since 1989, from the IMD World Talent Ranking and from the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking.

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IMF eLibrary

The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) eLibrary simplifies analysis and research with direct access to the IMF’s periodicals, books, working papers and studies, and data and statistical tools. You will find information and perspective on macroeconomics, globalization, development, trade and aid, technical assistance, demographics, emerging markets, policy advice, poverty reduction, and so much more.

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IndiaStat provides secondary level socio-economic statistical information about India, its states, regions and sectors. The data is collected from the best sources of information and statistics on India. The statistics available on can easily be downloaded in MS-Excel/ HTML formats.

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Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

The ICPSR is part of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. The ICPSR maintains a data archive of more than 500,000 files of research in the social sciences. It hosts 16 specialized collections of data in education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and other fields.

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International Press

Publishes journals dealing with fields of academic mathematics research, and statistics. Includes high-level mathematics and mathematical physics book titles.

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National Population Census of China

This database includes all published volumes of national, provincial, municipal and county level statistics from the 2010 census, and volumes from the 1982, 1990 and 2000 census. The data covers various topics, such as gender, age, nationality, household registration, education level, industry, marriage, fertility, migration, etc. The statistics are available as page images of the original print publications or as Excel files. The Chinese interface of NPCC offers an Index Analysis tool, allowing users to perform contrast analysis, single or multiple index analysis and time series analysis.

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OECD iLibrary

OECD iLibrary is the online library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) featuring its books, papers and statistics and is the gateway to OECD’s analysis and data. OECD iLibrary also contains content published by the OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), International Transport Forum (ITF). Statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) are available up end 2021.

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OECD Working Papers

OECD iLibrary is the online library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The OECD Working Papers are made available at no charge.

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Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide. Passport also offers a Cities module which is a standardised socio-economic database and report library of the world’s major metropolitan areas, covering 1,150 cities worldwide; and a Survey module which aggregates data and analysis from consumer surveys worldwide, involving thousands of individual consumers in emerging and developed markets.

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Project Euclid

This platform offers access to high-impact, peer-reviewed journals in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics hosted by Project Euclid.

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Project Euclid Open Access Journals

Freely available journals and conference proceedings in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics publications.

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Real Estate Database

GFD has partnered with Winans International to offer the most accurate and comprehensive collection of historical real estate data available in the world. Winans International, a well respected name in financial research, has developed the Winans International U.S. Real Estate Index™, which tracks the price of new homes back to 1830. In addition to the WIREI, Winans International has developed numerous other real estate statistics going back to the 1960s.

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Russian Military Intelligence on Asia Online Archive, 1651-1917

Brill’s Russian Military Intelligence on Asia’s archive series gathers the holdings of the Russian State Military History Archive (RGVIA) in Moscow. It contains historical-geographical, statistical, topographical and ethnographical descriptions of countries and their individual regions; material on the domestic political and economic situation of states, their foreign policy and international relations, and the state of their armed forces and military skills.

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Russian Military Intelligence on Asia Online Secret prints, 1883-1914

A collection of articles, consisting of descriptions, reports, and treatises, by Russian military and diplomatic staff, and also translations and summaries of works originally published outside Russia, issued by the general staff of the Russian army in order to support existing and potential Russian activities on the Asian continent.

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Statista is a portal for market data, market research and market studies. The database contains statistics drawn from consumer survey results and industry studies from over 18000 sources on over 60000 topics.

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Statistical Database System Online

The Statistical Database System (SDBS) is the Asian Development Bank's central statistical database that stores macro-economic and social data of its developing member countries (DMCs). The SDBS data come from statistical contacts that are mostly national statistics offices and central banks of the DMCs. SDBS also store data from other international organizations' databases and websites.

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TRA Online

The Online Student Data Package from Tourism Research Australia enables users to interrogate data from the International Visitor Survey (IVS) and National Visitor Survey (NVS) to generate custom tables and output the tables directly into excel or export as CSV files. The Package also allows users to produce charts and thematic maps. The datasets contain the most recently available calendar year data and is annually updated in March.

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UN Comtrade

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) was established in the early 1960s. For almost fifty years, it has provided a wealth of trade information to policy makers, the business community, research institutions and the general public. It stores standardised official annual trade statistics reported by countries and reflects international merchandise flows detailed by commodity and partner country with coverage reaching up to 99 percent of world merchandise trade.

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What is ....?

The What is... ? series of books is intended to demystify some of the terminology, techniques and practices used to assess and act upon clinical and economic evidence in healthcare. It contains a range of titles covering: health economics, statistics, evidence-based medicine, the NHS, and health technology assessment.

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World Bank e-Library

The World Bank eLibrary is one of the most comprehensive collections in the area of international development, including social, human, and economic development. It contains country and regional data from World Development Indicators along with books, flagship reports, working papers and journals published by the World Bank. The eLibrary offers a number of value-added functionality for easier discovery, access, and use of World Bank publications and research.

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World Development Indicators Online

The World Bank collection of development indicators are compiled from officially-recognized international sources. It presents the most current and accurate global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates.

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zbMATH Open

zbMATH Open (formerly known as Zentralblatt MATH) is the world's most comprehensive and longest-running abstracting and reviewing service in pure and applied mathematics. It is edited by the European Mathematical Society (EMS), the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and FIZ Karlsruhe. zbMATH Open provides easy access to bibliographic data, reviews and abstracts from all areas of pure mathematics as well as applications, in particular to natural sciences, computer science, economics and engineering. It also covers history and philosophy of mathematics and university education. All entries are classified according to the Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme and are equipped with keywords in order to characterize their particular content. Coverage starts in 1826 and is complete from 1868 to the present by the integration of the “Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik” database.

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