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Asian Studies And Languages

ANU Press

ANU Press is Australia’s first open-access university press. Their authors publish peer-reviewed research on a broad range of topics including Asia and Pacific studies, Australian politics, humanities, arts, Indigenous studies and science.

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Asian Law Online

Asian Law Online is a bibliographic database of Asian law materials. The database is offered to the public as a free service to assist students, scholars and practitioners of Asian legal systems. It is a collection of English language materials on Asian laws available throughout the world and includes books, chapters in books, journal articles and theses. It does not include newspapers, magazines or unpublished articles.

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BERITA - Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei/ASEAN Database

The Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei/ASEAN Database (BERITA), produced by the staff of the Southeast Asia Collection/Malaysian Resource Center, Ohio University, is a bibliographic database that indexes articles from published and unpublished material that concern Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, or South-East Asia as a whole (when the foci countries are included). Also included are materials regarding the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). It covers the period from 1990 to present.

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Bibliography of Asian Studies

Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) is a comprehensive western-language resource for research on Asia. BAS provides indexing coverage of many important journals, particularly ones published in Asia, which are not indexed anywhere else. It also contains citations to Western-language chapters in edited volumes, conference proceedings, anthologies, Festschriften, and more. BAS covers all subjects (especially in the humanities and the social sciences) pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide from 1971 to the present.

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Brill Online Reference Works

Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. The Library has purchased selected titles on this platform.

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Brill's Encyclopedia of Jainism Online

Brill’s Encyclopedia of Jainism Online makes available up-to-date research on main aspects of the Jain traditions in original essays written by some of the world’s foremost scholars on Jainism. The encyclopedia is thematic and seeks to present a balanced and impartial view of Jainism with a focus on both historical and contemporary traditions and institutions. The articles address topics such as the human condition, pantheons, historical perspectives, regional cultures, renunciation, lay society, ritual, devotion, visual and material culture, time and space, literature, and philosophy and logic.

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China, America and the Pacific : Trade and Cultural Exchange

China, America and the Pacific provides primary source materials for the study of the history of North American trade and cultural exchange with China during the 18th and 19th centuries. This collection also provides coverage of China’s economic dealings with the whole of East Asia and the Pacific. This collection offers insights into the early commercial development of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Salem, Providence and Baltimore, with maritime routes between East and West Coasts detailed and mapped. Other key Pacific trading posts are covered, including Hawai'i, the Philippines, India, Sumatra, Mauritius and Batavia. Early fur traders in Canada and the Pacific Northwest are also well covered.

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China : Culture and Society

This digital collection makes available for the first time extremely rare pamphlets from the Charles W. Wason Collection on East Asia, at Cornell University Library; one of the oldest and most distinctive collections of its kind, and a very rich source for research on China. The Wason Pamphlet collection has been digitized in its entirety, spanning three centuries (c1750-1929).

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China Reference Works Online

CRWO is an authoritative, comprehensive and continuously updated encyclopedia database. It contains thousands of reference works from China's leading publishers, including dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, thesauruses, cyclopedias, illustrated books, table spectrum, biography, quotations, handbooks and more. The content covers such subjects as philosophy, art, social science, culture, education, natural science, engineering and medicine.

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Chinamaxx Digital Libraries

Chinamaxx offers Chinese ebooks covering all academic disciplines. The content lays emphasis on Social Sciences and Humanities to attend interests on China study, enhance research projects and facilitate paper writing. The Library has purchased selected collections of ebooks within this database.

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Chinese Anti-Rightist Campaign Database (1957- )

The Anti-Rightist Campaign in 1957 was a nationwide mass political campaign launched by the Chinese Communist Party and its leader Mao Zedong after the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. This database is a major historical archival project containing content drawn from libraries with Asian collections all over the world, and many items from private collectors. After sifting through millions of official and unofficial documents and meticulous editorial work, the editors are finally able to present a database with nearly ten thousand documents to the readers. The historical sources included in this database are limited to first-hand original written materials only. Some documents that came into being after the Anti-Rightist Campaign, but were closely connected to the Campaign, are also included. However, secondary sources such as memoirs and interviews are not included.

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CiNii Articles

CiNii (Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator) Articles enables you to search information on academic articles published in academic society journals, university research bulletins or articles included in the National Diet Library's Japanese Periodicals Index Database. NOTE: CiNii contains open access content and content restricted to subscribers. The Library has access to the open access content only.

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Colonial Period Korea

This is a unique collection of rare documents relating to the Japanese occupation of Korea, from the late nineteenth century up to 1945, representing a highly significant period in Korean history.

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DBpia Electronic Journals Service

DBpia: electronic journal service. Full text database including over 1,000 Korean scholarly journals. the journal titles are arranged by 11 subject categories (Business/Economics, Theology, Education, Sociology, Natural Science, Human science, Linguistics, Law/Administration, Artistic and Physical). All journals are available from the first issue of a given title.

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Digital Collection on China Studies

Digital Collection on China Studies 中国学术典藏图书库 contains high quality eBooks on Chinese studies from CNKI. The library has access to selected titles on Chinese culture and society. In the landing page, view these titles in My Library 我的图书馆, or browse the full range of titles in CNKI Books 全部图书. Individual titles are also searchable from the library catalogue.

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Gu jin tu shu ji cheng

This database is the electronic version of the famous Chinese encyclopedia "Gu jin tu shu ji cheng," edited by Chen Mong Lei, a renowned scholar of the Qing Dynasty. The present digital edition of The Complete Classics includes the most seminal classics of Chinese literature and culture, from ancient China through the Qing Dynasty. The collection includes works on astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economics, art, education, agriculture, medicine, and more.

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Hytung Chinese Old Periodicals Database (1792-1949)

Hytung Chinese Old Periodicals Database contains thousands of magazines and newspapers printed in China from 1792 to 1949. It includes newspapers such as: Tianjin Ta Kung Pao 天津《大公報 and I-Shih Pao 益世報 (The Social Welfare), The Republian Daily News 上海《民國日報, Changsha Dagong Bao 長沙《大公報, Sin Xua Rhbao 重慶《新華日報 (New China Daily News). In addition to the newspapers, it also brings together important materials for modern literary studies such as "Dian She Zhai Pictorial", "Embroidery Novel", "Education World" and "Novel Monthly". The database is updated periodically with approximately one million page images added annually.

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iG Library

iG Library is the eBook platform developed by iG Publishing. It provides access to selected collections of eBooks from a wide range of publishers. iG Library allows users to read content via web browsers without installing any proprietary software, and also supports various kinds of devices and operating systems including the iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows.

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India, Raj & Empire

Drawing upon the wonderfully rich and diverse manuscript collections of the National Library of Scotland this resource will be of great value to all those teaching or researching into the History of South Asia between the foundation of the East India Company in 1615 and the granting of independence to India and Pakistan in 1947.

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JapanKnowledge+ is a database containing full text records from Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Newspapers, Journals, and more. The database also features Nikkoku Online, the online version of the Nihon Kokugo Daijiten, a dictionary of Japanese language and terms.

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KITLV Press Special E-Book Collection, 2007-2012

KITLV Press Special E-Book Collection, 2007-2012 includes all scholarly titles that were published by KITLV Press (now part of Brill) in that period. This rich collection of 53 e-books includes 27 titles that are published in Open Access. Language: 46 titles in English, 7 in Dutch. KITLV Press specializes in scholarly publications on the history and culture of South East Asia and the Caribbean.

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KRpia knowledge reference service

Full-text collection of Korean classical books. Users may search and retrieve primary sources, oral sources, classical texts, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and general reference works in fields such as Korean history, literature, civilization, medicine, architecture, and natural history. Databases both in Korean translation and in the classical Chinese-language original.

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Maruzen e-books

Maruzen eBook Library (MeL) is an aggregated eBook service for academic, research and educational institutions. It offers a range of Japanese academic and educational eBooks.

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Meiji Japan : the Edward Sylvester Morse Collection from the Philips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum

Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) was a great polymath – notable for his work in natural history, ethnography and art history – but, perhaps most famous for his work in bringing Japan and the West closer together. Morse was one of the first Americans to live in Japan. He went there on a scientific expedition in 1877 and his enthusiasm and approach so impressed his hosts that he was made Chair of Zoology at the new Imperial University of Tokyo. But his interests were never limited to evolutionary theory and scientific methodology – in 1882 he turned his attention to ethnology and the documentation of life in Japan before it was transformed by Western modernization. In addition to preserving the household records of a samurai family and many accounts of the tea ceremony, Morse made notes on subjects as diverse as shop signs, fireworks, hairpins, agricultural tools, artists’ studios, music, games, printing, carpentry, the Ainu, gardens, household construction, art and architecture.

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New Naratif

New Naratif is a movement for democracy, freedom of information, and freedom of expression in Southeast Asia. They aim to make Southeast Asians proud of our region, our shared culture, and our shared history. We fight for the dignity and freedom of the Southeast Asian people by building a community of people across the region to imagine and articulate a better Southeast Asia.

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North-China Herald, 1850-1940

The North-China Herald is universally acclaimed as the prime printed source in any language for the history of the foreign presence in China from around 1850 to the 1940s. As the official journal for British consular notifications, and announcements of the Shanghai Municipal Council, it is the first, and sometimes only, point of reference for information and comment on a range of foreign and Chinese activities. Published in English, it also features translations of Chinese official notifications and news.

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Oxford Dictionaries. Chinese

Oxford Dictionaries is an extensive, integrated, smart-linked one-stop English language resource. It offers quick-search access to definitions of words, phrases, and idioms, with expert guidance on style, usage, grammar, and spelling; plus specialist guides for legal and technical writing. The Library has access to the Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries and related tools and resources.

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Pacific Affairs, a Division of the University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia is a global centre for research and teaching.

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PDIP - Indonesian Learned Periodicals Database

The Indonesian Learned Periodicals Database reflects the function of the Center for Scientific Documentation and Information at the Institute of Science, namely to collect Indonesian scientific publications, to document activities of scientific publications on Indonesia, to develop a national scientific bibliographical database, and to provide scientific and technical information (STI) services. The Database indexes articles on the sciences in Indonesia and conference proceedings, as well as seminar papers on science and technology that were organised in Indonesia. Coverage is from 1980 to September 2002. No longer updated.

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South and Southeast Asian Literature

South and Southeast Asian Literature is a searchable collection of fiction and poetry written in English by authors from South and Southeast Asia and their Diasporas. Focusing on works composed during the late-colonial and postcolonial eras, the collection will also feature author interviews and manuscript materials that will shed additional light on the rich literary heritage and emerging traditions of this region.

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South Asia Archive

The South Asia Archive is a fully searchable digital archive encompassing millions of pages of valuable research and teaching materials, providing online access to documents ranging from the mid-18th to the mid-20th Century. Comprising material sourced from collectors and archivists in India by the South Asia Research Foundation, this Archive contains both serial and non-serial materials, including reports, rare books, and journal runs from noteworthy, rare publications.

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South Asia Open Archives

The South Asia Open Archives (SAOA), a subset of the South Asia Materials Project (SAMP), is a rich and growing collection of historical and contemporary primary sources in the arts, humanities and social sciences from and about South Asia. This collection has been developed through a collaborative initiative involving US research libraries and partners from South Asia. SAOA consists of 25 partner libraries, and is administered by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and presented openly online in partnership with JSTOR.

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South Asian Newspapers 1864-1922

This one-of-a-kind collection provides online access to a select group of South Asian newspapers from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Featuring English-, Gujarati- and Bengali-language papers published in India, in the regions of the Subcontinent that now comprise Pakistan, and in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), South Asian Newspapers offers extensive coverage of the people, issues and events that shaped the Indian Subcontinent between 1864 and 1922.

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Statistical Database System Online

The Statistical Database System (SDBS) is the Asian Development Bank's central statistical database that stores macro-economic and social data of its developing member countries (DMCs). The SDBS data come from statistical contacts that are mostly national statistics offices and central banks of the DMCs. SDBS also store data from other international organizations' databases and websites.

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Times of India (1861-2008)

Founded in 1838 to serve the British residents of West India, The Times of India provides coverage of such topics as the British Raj, Gandhi, Independence and Partition.

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